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Hi, I'm Alba!

Welcome to my page, let me introduce myself.

I've had passion for designing experiences and content that impacts, has fun and facilitates people's lives since I was a child.

I focused my professional career in the field of design and creation of multimedia content studying the Multimedia Engineering career. Then I specialized in UX through a UX postgraduate degree (2014). Learning more methodologies and processes to apply them.


Since then I've worked on the design of all types of products (games, applications, websites, digital products, gamifying events and immersive experiences) taking into account the needs of the person, the team and the objectives of the company. Being able to offer efficient, effective, desirables products and above all taking into account the playability when the project requires.


Having worked in different crafts while taking care of the UX also,  helped me to have the overview of the product, give more precise feedback and communicate better with other crafts.  


I am currently working on UX Game Designer at Scopely and focused on learning more about human psychology behaviour.

I'm doing talks and external mentoring of Design and Ux in video games in parallel.

I design experiences and make them happen. 



Current game

Last games



Working on this current game

Scrabble Go


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Last personal project

Into the videogames

Videogames event done in the Rubio i Balaguer Library at Sant Boi. 

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Last collaboration

Game Jam Summit


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